The breakthrough findings of the

Processed Food Addiction textbook

show why residential rehab at home

is the long-sought answer

to overeating and diet-related diseases.

Finding 1.
Overeating is a tobacco-style addiction to processed foods

Big Tobacco took over processed foods in the 1980s, loaded up processed foods with addictive sugars, fat, and salt.  The obesity epidemic took off from there.

Finding 2.
Addiction to processed foods is often severe

Research shows that most people have suffered severely from processed foods. Severe cravings, weight-gain and loss, as well as diabetes, stroke, depression, and fatigue have resulted.

Finding 3.
People are unaware of the full range of suffering

Processed foods are also associated with depression, anxiety,  and irritability, as well as attention deficit, learning disabilities, memory loss, and poor impulse control.

Finding 4.
Weight-loss and eating-disorder programs are too weak to stop addiction

Guidelines for recovery from severe addictions call for long-term residential treatment.  It can take years to recover from a severe addiction

Finding 5.
Away residential treatment doesn't work for addiction to processed foods

Away residential treatment does not prevent the return to overeating when the client returns home.  The home is a powerful place trigger which reactivates food addiction.

Finding 6.
At-home food addiction rehab over zoom works effectively

Zoom video conferencing effectively gets the attention of the addicted brain through the engagement of mirror neurons which copy other people.  The struggle is over. 





Today is the day to let go of failure
Today is the day to let go of guilt
Today is the day it's safe to share
Let the nightmare stop and the joy begin


This is what people say about RESET WEEK 

RESET WEEK gently brought me out of isolation. The perfection model so many other programs require works this way: after a week or 2, I’m an utter failure because I’m not perfect.

This starts the negative self-talk which is so painful that I lapse. That’s what happened at my last slip. I got clingy and depressed and then my brain chemistry changed. RESET WEEK pulled me out of that. - RESET WEEK Participant


Let the cravings stop and the peace begin
Join RESET WEEK today

RESET WEEK is not an outgrowth of other approaches which haven’t been verified. I feel more secure in a science-based program. I don’t have to sort through a lot of irrelevant information to get to the stuff that works.

What turned the corner for me is the attitude, based on new research, that we should expect to lapse. This is comforting to know because I can get right back to clean food after a lapse. I don’t have to detour into the cycle of self-loathing and failure." - RESET WEEK Participant

RESET WEEK is not fear-based. It is confidence-based. We’ve all done things, so I want a program that lets me keep going if I do something. I want to come to meetings even if I’m lapsing. In other programs, if I lapsed, I didn’t want to go so I quit.

I like the idea of a relaxed week-long immersion at home. Other programs are just doing random activities. I realize that to be successful in the long-run, programs have to support me while I try out new things. I never had a program that wanted me to try new behaviors. Now I realize that it’s normal to open many oysters before finding the pearls. For recovery we have to open up a lot of oysters before we find what works for each of us.

This program encourages us to try. Other programs judge ‘trying’ as a negative. I like the ‘no deadlines.’ It’s funny, but now I can let go of the fear of never changing and make a lot more progress."

- RESET WEEK Participant

"The compassion of RESET WEEK reduces stress. This is as opposed to the shaming I’ve experienced in other programs. If someone doesn’t show up for a while, the group notices. Even though I was active in Facebook groups, no one noticed if I wasn’t there. Nobody mattered.

The Facebook groups weren’t strong enough to encourage me. I’ve thought I would have to get out of my home in order to get the recovery I need. I am thrilled that I don’t have to go to a facility. I’ve got everything I need here at in the comfort of my home." - RESET WEEK Participant