For years, I have faithfully provided you with free information at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and through our websites.

Processed food addiction is a devastating disease and,
as the author/editor of the textbook,
I'm the leading expert in recovery.

I so want to help, but free information is actually not the answer.

Processed food addiction is typically a severe addiction which means that the real answer is hours and hours of
retraining addicted neurons not to crave in a residential setting.

The awful truth is that a sufficiently high level recovery is not available at a reasonable price for the millions of people who need it.

I have wracked my brains trying to figure out how to get you the residential care you need at an affordable price.

I finally found it.

RESET WEEK is Online Zoom Groups for a week of full days,
followed by 3 months of online group meetings
up to 4x per day (in the Americas).

Finally you can get the high level of recovery that you've needed all along at a price that you can totally afford.




Today, for the first time on the planet, you can have expert, at-home, residential recovery from processed food addiction at an affordable price.


Pull your group together and get this done




Your friend,

Joan Ifland,




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