Coming Soon RESET WEEK

Is overeating driving you crazy?

Do you long to have peace with food?

Are you facing serious medical problems if you don't stop eating?

Take advantage of new science in processed food addiction and put overeating behind you.


New discoveries can put overeating into remission within 7 days

The new textbook, Processed Food Addiction, revealed that overeating can actually be a serious form of addiction to processed foods. With this new breakthrough, you finally get the level of support you've needed all along to stop even severe bingeing.

From the comfort of your home...

you will  access to, Dr. Joan Ifland, a leading expert in processed food addiction. She will share expert  steps to take to stop overeating.

On the very first day...

You will meet people who know how to get out of the misery you're enduring.  You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to eat peacefully when you're around people who really care about you but also know how to gently implement small steps that actually work.

The Truth about Overeating

Isolation and loneliness are leading causes of overeating.  As soon as your RESET WEEK starts, loneliness is gone!  Dr. Joan Ifland and her ARC members will hang out with you on video chat from the time you wake up until you're ready to go to sleep.  Your thoughts will settle down and you'll start finding peace on the very first day.

Months after RESET WEEK

RESET WEEK is followed by three months of the Addiction Reset Community in which you continue to grow stronger, build routines, and protect your control.  There is no better training in control on the planet.

Find out if RESET WEEK is right for you.

RESET WEEK is only for people who want to stop overeating.
It is not for people who are looking for quick weight-loss diet schemes.


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